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A profoundly moving tale of human experience, in which compassion is displayed by minds free of the shackles of respectability, and therefore able to wastefully extend the unmeasured gift of love. A lesson.
P. Noyer (PhD language)

With verve and candour, Anne Deed delivers a story of a love like no other – it is, indeed, another love – a powerful challenge to concepts of fidelity.
Throughout their journey, this gripping story is full of intrigue, drama, pain and abiding passion.
Author: Gillian Guthrie – Childless: Reflections on Life’s Longing for itself

Your story Anne, of Another Love, is extraordinary and I was gripped from beginning to end. You have told it with great honesty and there is much here that would interest readers. The strengths are that it is primarily an extraordinary love story featuring an amazing Australian woman and a unique Indian man.   
I applaud your courage.
Erica Wagner  (former assessing editor Allen & Unwin)

What an achievement. I laughed, I cried, I became angry with Gan, angry with you, happy for you. I was carried along by the ‘narrative’ you have told.
Your capturing of the Indian way of life, of thinking- the otherness- is beguiling.
The memoir is frank and unsentimental so the reader, while perhaps amazed, can accept and consider your choices in a context that you frame.
What an extraordinary story it remains and one that many people should read.
Denise Harris (Education Consultant Board of Studies)

A story of love, passion, devotion and drama with many 'twists and turns'!
This intriguing story  gathered momentum throughout and held my attention to the very last word!
Colleen Woodbury (legal secretary Sydney)

Another Love by Anne Deed, blew me away.
To know such love, to relinquish it and then confront the ultimate act, challenges the essence of our humanity.
I learnt much from reading this gripping account and have questioned many issues I previously held solid. A must read for a thinking mind.
Toni Matthews
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