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All authors love to hear, in fact most often they need to hear from their readers.

Feedback is the oil that lubricates passion and production.
Whether this feedback is positive or negative about your reading experience, do let us know, and please use this page to contact us.

The author will endeavour to reply to all communication.

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Wanda Horky
10 Apr 2022
I have read your poignant book. I could not put it down it was so beautifully written and tears flowed often. Therefore, my sincere congratulations to you. I must say I found the autobiography of your marriage based on love, compassion, respect and honest communication absolutely outstanding and thought provoking.
Wanda Horky OAM
Sherryl Charley - Singleton Library
02 Feb 2022
Another Love is enthralling from start to finish. If you are looking for a book worthy of being captured on film, or a stimulating inclusion into book clubs, this will guarantee to inspire discussion. Or if you may simply want to snuggle down under the covers with a read that will leave you spiralling through emotions, then I recommend Another Love. I found the book not only emotional, bursting with love and devotion, but full of drama with cultural explorations. Overall, the book was a beautiful lesson in selflessness and prioritising what matters in life.
john nemesh
31 Jan 2022
This is a love story that endures through decades, the heat of passion, pain , sacrifice, and finally the endurance of human spirit. Within its chapters are many layers that keeps the reader glued and at times dismayed, sad, happy and sometimes all three at once. A life fully lived through the experiences of two cultures so different. And yet at the end the reader is left to ponder alone as to how this tale affects their own life. Many tastes and feelings await any reader. It is a must.
29 Jan 2022
I didn’t know how to sort through my own feelings. I experienced a smorgasbord of emotions all at once, and in the same high dosage. I was touched; I felt profoundly changed. Each of the characters held something; a quality that was unique and made me want to see what happened next. To say, “I couldn’t put it down” is a cliché that I feel unworthy of this story because it deserves so much more enthusiasm and feeling. I know this will become my favourite book for a long time, if not always.
maina Gordon
25 Jan 2022
I finished reading your book. It was great. Very exciting - couldn't stop reading it till the end. WELL done., Anne
Shirley Wong
06 Dec 2021
Just finished reading your book. It is a very interesting insight on you. You have been through some amazing things and you have shared openly about your relationship and wider family here in Australia and abroad. At the end of your memoir I just felt you are very strong, intelligent, resilient, kind person who has reflected in an honest genuine way about major chapters, events and significant connections. I also learnt more about the Indian culture and dynamics which I found fascinating.
05 Nov 2021
Real life can be more remarkable than fiction. I loved this book, a wonderful and thought provoking read and a fascinating insight into Indian life. More importantly, this is a tale of love, courage and great selflessness. At times I smiled, at time tears welled up. Another Love made me think about convention. I wish I had Anne’s strength.
29 Oct 2021
I just finished your book.
It was hard to put down. So educational, funny and sad. It has opened my eyes to the Indian culture. The pain and emptiness would have been unbearable at times. Made me shed tears. However so wonderful that you had this experience and eventually it made you strong again.
29 Oct 2021
What a triumph! Last night I finished your stunning work. Stupendous! Congratulations and may you sell many to lucky readers.
16 Oct 2021
Hi Anne,

What a wonderful book - beautifully written -beautifully sequenced -what an amazing life you have had!!! Brilliant!!!
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