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The events described in this story are true, unbelieveable as some of them seem.  I hope this reality may guide your understanding of this complex memoir.”
Anne Deed

Spanning eight decades of extraordinary events, this work by Anne Deed is brimming with suspense as the protagonists straddle Indian and Australian cultures in their effort to surmount the eternal tension between self and selflessness.

In finding understanding for their complex human needs, (the holy grail of any union), they turn to a non-conformist approach.

Over the final days of the couple’s unconventional life, claiming their freedom to deal with death on their own terms, fully reveals their devotion.

With brutal honesty, the author upends orthodox notions of morality and commitment – even of love itself.

A reflection about Another Love
Like Karl Shapiro the America poet said of Eleanor Dark’s work... "It has left a wonderful flavour with me … not quite tragic, wiser than nostalgia and full of peace."
Whether Deed has achieved what she set out to do, is for the reader to determine, but her aim was to change people’s minds about what it is to love deeply.
Understanding often comes through conflicting ideas, and by looking at a question from different points of view, you can usually find the answer.
I believe Another Love has the potential to do that.

May this be the reader’s experience.
Dr P M Noyer
ISBN 9780645083507
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